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If you have ever :

• Lost track of the score…..

• Forgotten who scored what

  1. Disagreed with a referee’s scoring

  2. Been asked to keep score

• Had to write a match report in rain or snow….

• Got writer’s cramp

• Had a pen run out/pencil break

• Wondered how much time is left before half or full-time

or simply would like a fun way of keeping a match report and then have the ability to e-mail it immediately to your team and friends – then

Rugby Scorer is for you!


  1. Input Team details – name players either manually or take names from Address book

  2. Retain information for next match or “clear all”

  3. Assign team a shirt colour – just as the referee does. Shirts “named” on back

  4. Decide match length per half : 7, 10-40 minutes in 5 minute intervals

  5. Input match location from Iphone GPS

  6. Input planned kick off time

  7. Add free text additional information – e.g. referee details, type of match, weather etc.

During Match:

  1. Time match from kick-off

  2. Time off/Time on for stoppages


  1. Tap shirt button of scoring team then choose:

    Penalty (3)

    Drop Goal (3)

    Try  - conversion good or not (5) + (2)

  1. Tap numbered shirt to allocate scoring player for each score

  2. Match completion

  3. Match report gives breakdown of score and scorers and can be shared by e-mail

Rugby Scorer is ideal for all levels of rugby - particularly:

  1. Youth - schools and clubs

  2. Amateur - youth and adult

  3. Tournaments - including 7 a-side

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